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As part of our dedication to promoting good health, Natural Wellness Center For You offers a variety of foods that contain nutrients for healing. The foods we offer complement every kind of cuisine and boost the body’s recuperation and recovery.

Number 1 fruits ingredient we’ll talk about its benefit, and the importance of using it is Lemon.

The importance of using Lemon or Lime.
It is cooling in nature, has a sour, bitter taste.
Its antiseptic, anti-microbial use to destroy bacteria in mouth to purify the breath, resolve mucus, help with colds, flus, hacking coughs, and parasite, also destroys the bacteria in intestine, move bowel movement, alleviate flatulence , help loses the belly fat. Add a few drop of Lemon or lime fruit juice in water early morning with your breakfast have a therapeutic effect for those that consumed high fat protein diet to promotes weight loss. Lemon juice diluted in water will calm the nerves, treat sore throat, cramps, help in diabetes by producing body fluids, reducing the effect of summer heat, so it is recommended to cool your body temperature with some great lemon juice during the summer. Lemon is use externally to heal sores, relieve itching from insect bit by applying one side of cut lemon on the affected area, can also add salt on that side of lemon to apply on skin. one drop of lemon juice added in clean warm water make a good cleansing eye wash to remove chemical getting to your eye, and red eye. to clean Lemon also purify the blood, Help with high blood pressure, Benefits the liver, encouraging gallbladder in formation of bile. Lemon skin peel can also be use as tea in a boil water, it is very similar to grapefruit peel skin, use lemon peel skin boil in water and drink the tea also beneficial for your liver detox, it moves liver qi stagnation, if you find yourself signing a lot start drinking lemon skin peel boil tea and you’ll stop signing less and remove those stress in your liver as it detox your liver.

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Natural Wellness Center For You promotes the potential and efficacy of natural nutrients and minerals as a means of wellness by encouraging eating natural, organic food for a healthy life.


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