Natural Wellness Center For You is your dependable source of nutritional advice and products to maximize your daily wellness. We share various recipes that use healthy ingredients, perfect for your everyday meal plans. Try them and taste the difference!

My daily routine is detox my body in the morning, by starting my day with my fresh warm or room temperature water, follow up with any other detox if I want and have lunch around 11 to 1 according to the horary time, according to Chinese Medicine. More details provided on food that heal your body, there’s a best time to eat food to heal you according to the time of the clock in your internal organs.

Detox 1 to 30 days

These easy-to-make remedies can be made with natural ingredients in the comfort of your. 100% natural home remedies good for your body. Note: this home remedies are not FDA approval, and they are not intended to cure your disease.

Detox your body daily. Lose your tummy fat with just a few ingredients.
1 Lemon, 1 ginger, 1 cucumber, 1 celery, 1 or 2 tablespoon of apple sider vinegar, and fresh mint. Blend all the ingredients in a blender without added water, and drink every morning an empty stomach before your breakfast and at bedtime as desired. take for a week to feel the result. For better taste add some natural honey.

all ingredients use can be organic. or non-organic, keep it sample, it’s better you use what you have, than not do anything at all.

see the benefits of this ingredients in my fruits and vegetables, food that heal.

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Natural Wellness Center For You promotes the potential and efficacy of natural nutrients and minerals as a means of wellness by encouraging eating natural, organic food for a healthy life.


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