• Widelynn C. Alexis
    • Widelynn C. Alexis Owner and Founder of NWCH

      (239) 878-7935

      My name is Widelynn C. Alexis. I am currently a student at Quantum University going for my Doctorate and Ph.D. in Integrative Medicine (expected to graduate December 2021). I received both my Bachelor’s and my Master’s Degree at East West College of Natural Medicine. Bachelors in Professional Health and Science, and Master’s in Science in Oriental Medicine. Board-certified as Quantum Health Coach through AADP, American Association of Drugless Practitioners. By being a Naturalist, a Health coach, and teaching, and educating is something I am passionate about. I want to make a difference in today’s life of living. Life is not just to live, it is to enjoy a longevity happy wealthy, and healthy lifestyle, have the freedom to explore the world without anything holding you back, especially your health; and I am here to help you make that happen. At Natural Wellness Center of Health, we teach you to live the natural wellness life at the center of your health core design specifically for you to reach your own happiness. Coaching you in the specific area you need help with for your well-being.

      Our health coach team is dedicated to bringing wellness, naturally, spiritually healing the mind and body (look out for the book title, Spiritually Naturally Healing by Widelynn C. Alexis, available soon). We are here to help you reach your optimal health and live fulfilling lives. 

      Let’s get healed! Coming up.

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    • Audra Woodley


      I am yoga-certified and have delved into so many facets of topics associated with the holistic environment and want to shift into this arena full-time.

      Currently, I am a student at quantum in pursuit of the doctorate program in Natural Medicine. I am a longtime professional in the military. I have both a physics, commerce, and engineering undergrad and an Information and Telecommunications Masters.

    • martin
    • Dante Martin Omni Fitness LLC



      My name is Dante Martin. I hold my Bachelor’s in Sport Management from Howard University. I also graduated from Parisian Spa Institute in Jacksonville FL as a Massage Therapist. I am currently The Assistant Facility Administrator for Jacksonville Youth Academy, a facility that provides therapy for incarcerated, troubled youth. I teach soul, mind, and body healing with emphasis on MAAT, an ancient Kemetic social doctrine for spiritual evolution.

    • Marko
    • Marko Matsya



      My name is Matsya Marco. I’m an eternal student of Natural Medicine, taking my studies up and beyond the Ph.D. level, and combining it with Quantum Physics. I work with a high-tech quantum-physical Information Field system in analyzing and balancing deeper causes and interactions within us. This successful combination brings body and mind into harmony with who we are, and who we want to become. We are not our mind, and we are not our bodies either. We are only made of those.

      We are the consciousness. With my quantum technology, I can help you analyze and understand all subconscious and hidden processes in you, balance and heal your inner self, thus aligning you with solutions for the future, and removing obstacles from just any aspect of existence. My technology is harmless and very effective. It works remotely, at a distance.

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Natural Wellness Center For You promotes the potential and efficacy of natural nutrients and minerals as a means of wellness by encouraging eating natural, organic food for a healthy life.


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